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Understanding the Process involved For Delhi Airport Lost and Found Courier Service

We know you are worried about getting your missing stuff from Delhi Airport. You are not just only one, as per the data, people traveling through Delhi Airport leave behind 10 to 15 crore in Value items every year. At the Airport, your belongings are stored in, the “Lost and Found Department” and the recovery process starts when you initiate a reclaim process. 

For the first five days, all retrieved items are kept in the lost and found section. If no one comes forward to take it, it is taken to the central storage unit at Terminal 2. Such items are kept there for 90 days. If no one comes forward to claim the items, it is given to Customs. In cases of items of smaller value but which are important, after 95 days the items are handed over to an NGO so that it is put to good use. Rely on Anytime Express for Delhi Airport lost and found courier service for peace of mind, contact now.

How Anytime Express can help you recover your parcel from Delhi Airport?

Once we receive a confirmation from you, We assign our executive to collect your goods left at the airport on your behalf. After we collect your package from the airport we intimidate you and ask for the delivery address. Once proper packaging is done, we will dispatch your parcel and send you a tracking link through which you can live track your parcel whether your package is for inside India or internationally. For domestic couriers, we have a wide range of networks such as Anytime Express Self network, DTDC, Bluedart etc. For your International Parcel, we use DHL, FedEx, UPS, Self, etc
Charges are completely dependent on the service you choose from. You can contact us and get an expert recommendation to save cost and delivery time.  Your lost article(s) can be collected from all the terminals in Indira Gandhi International Airport(IGI) such as Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 etc. 

Documents Required To Claim Lost and Found Property At Delhi Airport

  • Individual Aadhar Card / Passport Copy if Foreigner
  • Proof of travel i.e Boarding Card/E-boarding Card/Immigration Stamp on Passport.
  • Lost & Found Number (You will Get them from lost & Found department at Delhi Airport by visiting official website or calling their official number 011-42489617)
  • Authorization Letter in the Favor of Anytime Express declaring items/left behind goods description on letter. (We will share you the format of authorization letter over whatsapp or email).
Delhi Airport Lost and Found Courier Service


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How to Contact Delhi Airport Lost and Found Department ?

When To Contact

Whom To Contact

Contact Numbers

Mailing Address

Lost Period Less Than 5 Days

Respective Terminals (24 X 7)

Terminal 3: 9958098651
Terminal 2: 9667400962
Terminal 1: 9650495769

Lost Property Main Office,Terminal-2,Departure Level, Near Gate No. 01,Indira Gandhi International Airport,New Delhi – 110037

Lost Period More Than 5 Days

Main Office During Office Timing:
09:30 – 18:00 hrs (Monday to Friday)
09:30 – 13:30 hrs (Saturday)
*Please Note: The office remains closed on 2nd Saturday of the month, Sundays & Public Holidays.


Lost Property Main Office,Terminal-2,Departure Level, Near Gate No. 01,Indira Gandhi International Airport,New Delhi – 110037

How much Anytime Express Charges For Delhi Airport Lost and found Courier Services?

The lost and found services of Delhi Airport are free, therefore Anytime Express do not charge any single amount for the collection of your parcel from Delhi Airport. Anytime Express is a shipping company specializing in sending domestic and international couriers. We charge you the freight amount and it depends on the delivery address, items and weight of the shipment. Contact us and get a free estimation of your courier needs.

How Can I Book Delhi Airport lost and found courier service with Anytime Express?

For Delhi Airport lost and found Courier Service Call or WhatsApp us at +918851473292 anytime and book service now. Our Executive will guide you throughout the entire process and provide you with hassle free experience. Also, you can contact us via email at [email protected]. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Advantages for Sending International Parcels From Delhi Airport With Anytime Express

  • Delhi Airport Pickup-to-Receiver’s door delivery
  • Free customs clearance(For International shipment)
  • Services for free packaging
  • Free home delivery
  • Option for online payment
  • Delivery in a flash to any country abroad
  • Expert documentation will be provided for Delhi airport lost and found courier service.
  • Almost everything we ship is done on a global scale.
  • We provide the most affordable prices

How to Calculate Weight for Sending International Courier from India?

Its important to know the way to calculate the volumetric weight of your box before shipping from India. Delhi Airport lost and found courier service charges depend on the chargeable weight. Weight is calculated by comparing both the actual weight and volumetric weight of your box. Let’s get you clear with an example, you have a box of 15 kg to send but you’re not aware of the volumetric weight, you just measure particular box sizes (length, width & height) in cm and divide them by 5000.

For Example:
Box Weight: 15 Kg 

Size of Box: 40 Cms(length) 60 Cms(Width) 40 Cms(Height)         (L*B*H IN CMS/5000) 

You can calculate it as: 40*60*40/5000 = 19.2 KG

So Here in this case, the volumetric weight of your box is 19.2 kg which comes to our slab of 19-20 kg. Now here you will be paying for the volumetric weight instead of actual weight.

Basically , Rates are calculated based on the higher side comparing both the actual weight and the volumetric weight whichever is higher.

Things Allowed To Ship International Courier From Delhi Airport India

Documents Delivery: Delhi Airport lost and found courier charges for documents range from Rs 200 to Rs 3800. Courier charges completely depend on service. You choose the service and your documents will reach your destination safely, quickly, and securely.

Gift Items: Gift items such as handicrafts, toys, or any other item can be sent from India, but you must declare what the item is. Also, a value exceeding Rs24999 is not allowed to be sent. Delhi Airport Lost and Found Courier charges for gift items depend on the delivery address. 

Food Items Delivery: You can easily send food items and edible products to your friends, family, and loved ones. You can check out our cost-effective and reliable service to deliver your product. 

Household Items: Household items such as clothes, kitchen utensils, bags, stationery, and all other items can be sent easily in personal mode from India to worldwide. Delhi Airport Lost and Found courier charges for household items are the same as normal cost and no hidden charges are applicable.

Insurance & Liability For International Courier

When your parcel is collected our representative will ask you about the approx value of the product. You must declare the real value of the product and please note in Personal Mode Value should not be more than 24900/- If the value is more than 25000 call our representative and they can help you out regarding the process. Here, the declared value of the product will be fully insured, and 100% insurance coverage will be for the listed item in case of loss. Anytime Express provides secured Delhi Airport lost and found courier service.

There is no liability for the breakage of any items, if the item is fragile we will pack it as securely as possible. Also, only after receiving full consent and authorization, we will ship your parcel from India. There are multiple parties involved between dispatching and delivery, so the chances of breakage are always there. Therefore, the shipment will be forwarded at the shipper’s risk. For advice, suggestions, or questions feel free to contact us via mail or WhatsApp, or call.

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List Of Prohibited Items For International Courier From Delhi 

  • Human organs and human remains, including ashes
  • Animals (including insects), parts of animals (also fur and ivory), and hunting trophies
  • Plants, except flower bulbs, seeds and tubers
  • Christmas trees
  • Fertilizer 
  • Prohibited items such as firearms, explosives, military equipment, etc.
  • Illegal goods such as counterfeit products
  • Manure, fertilizers, and plant food, not dissolved in water. Both organic and artificial fertilizer
  • Narcotics/drugs and products related or similar to them, including (but not limited to) drugs/substances/products subject to the Opium Act and/or products containing CBD (Cannabidiol), both natural and synthetic
  • Click here to view the full list

FAQ'S- Lost And Found Courier Services Near Delhi Airport

For any checked-in baggage, exchange baggage, mishandled baggage or items left in the customer arrival area, the concerned airline should be contacted. Delhi Airport Lost and Found Courier Service cannot help you on this matter.

The lost item(s) must be claimed within 90 days from the date it is found and deposited at the Lost & Found section. Post 90 days, the item(s) may be disposed off as per Gazette Notification. Thereafter, the lost property department shall cease to entertain any claims upon the article(s). Anytime Express can only help if the parcel is claimed from Delhi Airport lost and found Courier within 90 days. 

Yes, Delhi Airport lost and found courier service can help you on this.

Yes, Anytime Express will help you recover your item and send it to your door step.

Yes, we do provide Delhi Airport Lost and Found Courier Service at the cheapest rate via DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.

Once you receive a confirmation with a unique number, we will collect it as soon as possible on the same day or the next day. Once collected we will provide Delhi Airport lost and found courier service at affordable cost.

Charges depend on weight, size, and product. Contact us as get multiple option charges.  

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