International Courier Charges For Mozambique Maputo From India-
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Economical International Courier Charges For Mozambique

Maputo is one of the biggest cities in Mozambique. If you are looking to travel or thinking of shifting to Maputo of Mozambique and are looking for reliable courier services, you are at the right place. Anytime Express is a renowned courier service provider offering you worthwhile services.

Within 5-10 working days, you can expect the delivery and shipment of your package or parcel to Mozambique Maputo. You will receive quality and on-time courier services to Mozambique. call us now for more information.

Courier Charges For Mozambique

What can you send to or from Mozambique Maputo?

Some items are banned from being couriered to and from Mozambique Maputo- plants, seeds, wheat, medical materials, intoxicating liquors, and some more. Here’s a brief on what can you courier-

Documents – All documents are allowed to be couriered. Invitation cards, official documents or any confidential documents. They will be safe and delivered in the best conditions to and from Mozambique Maputo.

Household Items – Clothes, gift items, home decors or any personal belongings. You can courier all items to and from Mozambique Maputo.

Medicines – With a valid prescription from a practicing doctor, any medicine can be delivered to and from Mozambique Maputo. Medicine should legal to be delivered. Medical materials and specimen are prohibited.

Edible Items – Any handmade items, processed foods, or spices will be delivered. Any perishable goods will not be allowed to be delivered.

Manufactured Items – All manufactured goods such as-vehicles, furniture or machines will be delivered to and from Mozambique Maputo. 

Commercial Goods – Any commercial shipment of any quantity can be shipped to and from Mozambique Maputo.

How to estimate courier charges for mozambique from India?

  • The Charge for the courier depends entirely on the shipment. Anytime Express evaluates the load based on the volumetric weight of the cargo. It delivers the items in  10-15 days only. It is the cheaper means for the transit of cargo.


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Popular Cities In Mozambique For Courier Services From India

  1. Maputo
  2. Beira
  3. Nampula
  4. Matola
  5. Chimoio
  6. Nacala
  7. Quelimane
  8. Tete
  9. Xai-Xai
  10. Pemba

Detailed Per Kg Courier Charges for Mozambique from Delhi India(Updated July 2024)

Weight (KG)Express ChargesApprox DaysEconomy ChargesApprox Days
< 0.5Kg₹ 2200.003-5 Days₹ 1290.008-14 Days
0.5-1 Kg₹ 2600.003-5 Days₹ 1550.008-14 Days
1-2 Kg₹ 2980.003-5 Days₹ 1800.008-14 Days
2-3 Kg₹ 3400.003-5 Days₹ 2050.008-14 Days
3-4 Kg₹ 3800.003-5 Days₹ 2250.008-14 Days
4-5 Kg₹ 4200.003-5 Days₹ 2600.008-14 Days
5-6 Kg₹ 5420.003-5 Days₹ 2950.008-14 Days
6-7 Kg₹ 6120.003-5 Days₹ 3200.008-14 Days
7-8 Kg₹ 6560.003-5 Days₹ 3560.008-14 Days
8-9 Kg₹ 7090.003-5 Days₹ 3890.008-14 Days
9-10 Kg₹ 7450.003-5 Days₹ 4290.008-14 Days

Delhi India To Mozambique Courier Charges Per Kg

Per Kg (₹) Courier Charges For Mozambique
Above 10 Kg₹ 680.003-5 Days₹ 500.008-14 Days
Above 20 Kg₹ 650.003-5 Days₹ 450.008-14 Days
Above 30 Kg₹ 620.003-5 Days₹ 430.008-14 Days
Above 40 Kg₹ 600.003-5 Days₹ 390.008-14 Days
Above 50 Kg₹ 580.003-5 Days₹ 380.008-14 Days
Above 70 Kg₹ 550.003-5 Days₹ 350.008-14 Days
Above 100 Kg₹ 520.003-5 Days₹ 320.008-14 Days

Courier Charges for Mozambique Per kg From Delhi India

Per Kg Courier Charges For Mozambique(Maputo)- Get a Best Quote

Why Choose Anytime Express For Sending International Courier To Mozambique From Delhi India?

  • Free Pickup Service
  • Free Packing Service
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • 24*7 Booking Service
  • 100% Insured Shipping

Documents Required For Sending Courier to Mozambique From Delhi India

For Individual:

  • Sender Aadhar Card
  • Sender Pan Card
  • List of the items

For Company:

  • Company Pan Card
  • Company Gst Certificate
  • Invoice on Company Letterhead
  • Company Import Export Certificate
  • Packing List

Documents required for sending chemicals, liquids, powder and samples Courier from India To Mozambique

  • MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • Lab Report(Analysis Report)
  • Sample Invoice
  • Import Export License
  • Non Dg Declaration

List Of Prohibited Items For Courier To Mozambique From Delhi India

  • Human organs and human remains, including ashes
  • Animals (including insects), parts of animals (also fur and ivory), and hunting trophies
  • Plants, except flower bulbs, seeds and tubers
  • Christmas trees
  • Fertilizer 
  • Prohibited items such as firearms, explosives, military equipment, etc.
  • Illegal goods such as counterfeit products
  • Watches with a value of €5.000 or more
  • Manure, fertilizers, and plant food, not dissolved in water. Both organic and artificial fertilizer
  • Narcotics/drugs and products related or similar to them, including (but not limited to) drugs/substances/products subject to the Opium Act and/or products containing CBD (Cannabidiol), both natural and synthetic
  • Click here to view full list
DHL International Courier Services, UPS, Aramex, DPD, Purolator ,DPEX

*COVID charges – 37 Per Kg
*extra charges applicable for Fuel and GST
*Remote Area Charges applicable Fee of Rs. 45 Plus Fuel and GST per kg with a minimum of Rs. 2500 Plus Fuel and GST will be charged extra.
*Any other levies, taxes or duties enforced by the government would be charged extra, if and as applicable.
*Weight of every piece rounded up to the next chargeable weight slab in case of MPS .
*Weight of all pieces calculated separately in case of MPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can courier your household stuff from India To Mozambique Maputo with Anytime Express 

Yes, you can courier your excess baggage from India To Mozambique with live tracking facilities by Anytime Express.

You may contact us at Anytime Express for any queries regarding commercial item deliveries, as normally it takes around 3-5 working days in express mode.

DHL courier charges for Mozambique range from Rs 600 to Rs 800 per kg for above 10kg. Contact us for the latest rate.

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