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There are multiple services to choose from for international Shipping services from India. DHL, UPS, USPS, DPD Etc are quite popular for sending international courier services. You can avail of all these services at single place without any hassle via Anytime Express. We have multiple options available as per your budget and requirements. Contact us now and get 80% Off valid for a limited time only. 

Anytime Express deals with both Personal and Commercial mode shipments. Mostly, Parents, friends, or relatives send their goods to their children or friends or relatives living abroad in a personal mode whereas the Company sends their shipment in commercial mode. Document requirements for both modes differ and you can view them under the below segment. Anytime Express provides the best and safest international shipping experience from India with the lowest rates possible. View our International Shipping Charges and book now. Also, if you have any questions, or doubts feel free to call us, and ship without worrying.    

DHL International Courier Services, UPS, Aramex, DPD, Purolator ,DPEX

Why Use Anytime Express For International Shipping Services?

Anytime Express, being one of the leading logistic companies provides shipping services around the globe. We are not limited to Indian locations as we offer international services. You can send anything as per the terms and conditions to/from India. We promise to deliver it on time and safely. Anytime Express International Shipping Charges are best available in the market with world-class tracking service. We also provide customized rates for clients who wish to send more than 10 Kg parcels. Lets Know more:

Modes of Delivery for International Shipping Services

  • International Sea Cargo Services
  • International Air Cargo Services

Cost Effective International Shipping From India

  • Worldwide Charters Shipping service
  • Priority Shipping
  • Consolidated Shipping

Anytime Express was founded with an ultimate goal to make the logistic market accessible, transparent and safe for everyone to use while also being cost-effective. At this time, we are glad that we are doing our best to provide quality services at an affordable rate. For any logistic or courier service you may need, we have a quality, affordable, and safe solution for you. As expected from a reliable courier, our services are on par with the standards of international market including on-time pick-up, safe packaging, and timely delivery.

For international shipping service, our cost and services directly depend on your needs and budget.

International Shipping Charges From India

International Shipping Rates: India – InternationalDHL International 
Shipping Rates
Approx DaysEconomy ChargesApprox Days
< 0.5Kg₹ 2280.003-5 Days₹ 1359.008-14 Days
0.5-1 Kg₹ 2890.003-5 Days₹ 1570.008-14 Days
1-2 Kg₹ 2950.003-5 Days₹ 1700.008-14 Days
2-3 Kg₹ 3200.003-5 Days₹ 2000.008-14 Days
3-4 Kg₹ 3490.003-5 Days₹ 2450.008-14 Days
4-5 Kg₹ 3780.003-5 Days₹ 3090.008-14 Days
5-6 Kg₹ 3930.003-5 Days₹ 3100.008-14 Days
6-7 Kg₹ 4250.003-5 Days₹ 3600.008-14 Days
7-8 Kg₹ 4590.003-5 Days₹ 3750.008-14 Days
8-9 Kg₹ 4900.003-5 Days₹ 4000.008-14 Days
9-10 Kg₹ 5800.003-5 Days₹ 4200.008-14 Days
Bulk International Shipping Charges Per Kg
Above 10 Kg ₹ 599.003-5 Days₹ 380.008-14 Days
Above 20 Kg₹ 650.003-5 Days₹ 330.008-14 Days
Above 30 Kg₹ 550.003-5 Days₹ 320.008-14 Days
Above 40 Kg₹ 540.003-5 Days₹ 300.008-14 Days
Above 50 Kg₹ 510.003-5 Days₹ 270.008-14 Days
Above 70 Kg₹ 499.003-5 Days₹ 295.008-14 Days
Above 100 Kg₹ 480.003-5 Days₹ 260.008-14 Days

International Shipping Service From India To Worldwide: Anytime Express
Note: For current rates kindly contact us as rates keep changing from time to time.

Document Requirements For International Shipping Services

Goods for an Individual’s Personal Use

  • A single ID with a photograph (Aadhar card, PAN card, and passport copy)
  • Validation of address (Aadhar card copy, electricity bill copy, water bill copy, landline bill copy, passport copy)
  • Packing List

For Business to Business Personal Goods or Samples

  • Photo ID of the signatory or director’s authorization
  • Proof of the signatory or director’s authorization
  • IEC of the business, an electricity bill, and a landline bill
  • KYC Form signature
  • GST registration number
  • ID for taxes
  • Invoice and packing list

Commercial Documents Required for International Cargo/Courier From India

  • Last shipping bill copy (3 COPIES)
  • Last shipping bill copy (3 COPIES)
  • SLI (3 COPIES)
  • SDF (3 COPIES)
  • Annex A (3 COPIES)
  • Pan Card (3 COPIES)
  • Invoice On Letterhead (5 COPIES)
  • Packing List (3 COPIES)
  • KYC form (2 COPIES)
  • Passport-size photo with self-attested stamp and signature (2 COPIES)
  • Authorized Signature Photo ID, signature, and Address Proof (3 COPIES)

Extra Charges are applicable while Sending International Shipping from India

*extra charges applicable for Fuel and GST
*Remote Area Charges applicable Fee of Rs. 45 Plus Fuel and GST per kg with a minimum of Rs. 2500 Plus Fuel and GST will be charged extra.
*Any other levies, taxes or duties enforced by the government would be charged extra, if and as applicable.
*Weight of every piece rounded up to the next chargeable weight slab in case of MPS .
*Weight of all pieces calculated separately in case of MPS

Eligible Items To Send From India To Worldwide

  • Documents
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Shoes
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Artificial Jewelry
  • Sweets Box
  • Snacks
  • Gifts
  • Food Items etc
  • And all other Items which are not prohibited

Prohibited Items For Sending International Cargo/Courier

  • Shipments prohibited by law
  • Bank bills, notes or currency
  • Common fireworks
  • Hazardous waste or hazardous waste service
  • Human remains, fetal remains, human body parts, human embryos or components thereof
  • Import of mobile phones without IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number
  • Ivory
  • Marijuana, including marijuana intended for medicinal use
  • View all list here.

FAQ – Guide To Answer All International Shipping Services Related Questions

International Shipping Charges ranges from Rs 500/kg to Rs 800/kg. However, DHL International Shipping rates are quite expensive compared to other networks

For Personal Use, Only aadhar and Pan card is necessary whereas for commercial or company-to-company, there are list of items that you can view on the above section. 

Anytime Express Provides door to door international shipping services from India. Contact us and get the best quote.

International shipping charges for USPS range from Rs 300 to Rs 700/kg.

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