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Why Choose DTDC Courier Service For International?

DTDC (Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo) is an Indian Delivery Courier Company with a headquarters in Mumbai. Established in 1990 by Subhashish Chakraborty, DTDC has emerged as one of the trusted and reliable courier service providers for domestic and International. It has a global presence in over 240 countries worldwide.

DTDC International Courier Charges Per Kg From Delhi India

DTDC International Courier Charges for Per KgExpress ChargesApprox DaysEconomy ChargesApprox Days
< 0.5Kg₹ 2490.003-5 Days₹ 1259.008-14 Days
0.5-1 Kg₹ 2690.003-5 Days₹ 1470.008-14 Days
1-2 Kg₹ 2950.003-5 Days₹ 1700.008-14 Days
2-3 Kg₹ 3100.003-5 Days₹ 1900.008-14 Days
3-4 Kg₹ 3090.003-5 Days₹ 2250.008-14 Days
4-5 Kg₹ 3280.003-5 Days₹ 3090.008-14 Days
5-6 Kg₹ 3530.003-5 Days₹ 3100.008-14 Days
6-7 Kg₹ 4100.003-5 Days₹ 3200.008-14 Days
7-8 Kg₹ 4290.003-5 Days₹ 3850.008-14 Days
8-9 Kg₹ 4500.003-5 Days₹ 4100.008-14 Days
9-10 Kg₹ 5200.003-5 Days₹ 4200.008-14 Days
Bulk DTDC International Courier Charges Per Kg from Delhi India
Above 10 Kg ₹ 599.003-5 Days₹ 380.008-14 Days
Above 20 Kg₹ 640.003-5 Days₹ 340.008-14 Days
Above 30 Kg₹ 540.003-5 Days₹ 310.008-14 Days
Above 40 Kg₹ 590.003-5 Days₹ 300.008-14 Days
Above 50 Kg₹ 500.003-5 Days₹ 280.008-14 Days
Above 70 Kg₹ 495.003-5 Days₹ 270.008-14 Days
Above 100 Kg₹ 485.003-5 Days₹ 240.008-14 Days

 DTDC International Courier Charges Per KG From Delhi India: Anytime Express

Bulk DTDC International Courier Charges From India (Above 10 Kg)
Above 100 Kg₹ 450.003-5 Days₹ 230.008-14 Days
Above 200 Kg₹ 440.003-5 Days₹ 220.008-14 Days
Above 300 Kg₹ 430.003-5 Days₹ 210.008-14 Days
Above 400 Kg₹ 420.003-5 Days₹ 200.008-14 Days
Above 500 Kg₹ 400.003-5 Days₹ 185.008-14 Days
Above 700 Kg₹ 380.003-5 Days₹ 180.008-14 Days
Above 1000 Kg₹ 350.003-5 Days₹ 170.008-14 Days


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Why Choose Anytime Express For DTDC International Courier Service?

Anytime Express has negotiated special costs with our partner vendors and provides extra savings to you. Our charges for DTDC International Courier are the best and cheapest among others in the market. Contact us anytime and get a quote as per your requirements. Also, our team will guide you through every process involved in Sending your international parcel with us. We ensure your parcel reaches in safe and secure manner at destination

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List Of Items Which You Can Send For DTDC International Courier

  • Documents
  • Artificial Jewellery
  • Electronics
  • Food Items
  • Medicine
  • Excess Baggage
  • Cosmetics etc.
    And all other non prohibited products.

Prohibited Items For DTDC International Courier Services

Live Stock and its Articles
Activated SIM cards
Air guns, replica and imitation firearms
Alcohol/tobacco/drugs/poisonous goods
Animal Raw Skins/Furs
Antiques (objects over 100 years old)
Arms & Ammunitions
Asbestos. Etc.
View the list here.

Extra Charges Applicable*

*Extra charges applicable (Fuel and GST 18%)
*Remote Area Charges applicable Fee of Rs. 45 Plus Fuel and GST per kg with a minimum of Rs. 2500 Plus Fuel and GST will be charged extra.
*Any other levies, taxes or duties enforced by the government would be charged extra, if and as applicable.
*Weight of every piece rounded up to the next chargeable weight slab in case of MPS .
*Weight of all pieces calculated separately in case of MPS.

Tips To Calculate Volumetric Weight to know DTDC International courier charges from India?

It’s important to know the way to calculate the volumetric weight of your box before shipping. Weight is calculated by comparing both the actual weight and volumetric weight of your box. Let’s get you clear with an example, you have a box of 10 kg for DTDC International Courier but you’re not aware of the volumetric weight, you just measure a particular box size (length, width & height)t in cm and divide them by 5000.
For Example:
Box Weight: 10 Kg 
Size of Box: 40 Cm(length) 60 Cm(Width) 40 Cm(Height)
            (L*B*H IN CM/5000) 
You can calculate it as 40*60*40/5000 = 19.2 KG

So Here in this case, the volumetric weight of your box is 19.2 kg which comes to our slab of 19-20 kg. Now here you will be paying for the volumetric weight.
DTDC international courier charges are calculated based on the higher side comparing both the actual weight and the volumetric weight whichever is higher.

Weight Limit on Sending DTDC International Courier From Delhi India

For the packages and DTDC International Courier, several brands have established particular standard weight and size limits. The maximum weight for your cargo in non-commercial mode is 68 kg, and you can send no more than three boxes on a single airway bill.

  1.        Packages in a single box might weigh up to 30 kg.
  2.        Courier / Parcel should have a length and breadth of up to 380 cm.
  3.        Package length is limited to 275 cm.
  4.        Packages weighing more than 31 kg (or 25 kg inside) are subject to additional heavy-package fees.
  5.        Depending on the packaging method and the eventual destination, different packages have different size-special prices and dimensional weight estimates.

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FAQ'S- DTDC International Courier Services

Charges depend on weight, content, and service. Dtdc international courier charges for the USA range from Rs1200 to Rs3000.

Dtdc international courier charges for Canada range from 1800 to 3000 for 1kg. Kindly contact us and get the latest rate.

Yes, DTDC ensures to provide door delivery at destination securely.

Yes, DTDC is 100% reliable for sending your international courier. DTDC international courier service provides shipping to over 220 destinations by leveraging tie-ups with international partners and own offices in major commerce centers across the globe.

Yes, We provide 100% insurance for your parcel. mail us and call us to know the details.

DTDC Courier Charges For Australia ranges from Rs500 to Rs1000/kg.

DTDC International Courier Charges for the Uk ranges from Rs300 to Rs 600/kg

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