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Airlines don’t let you carry excess baggage and airline policies are becoming increasingly strict. Some airlines do not provide excess baggage or unaccompanied baggage to be taken on the aircraft and customers need to pay additional charges. Avoid extra costs with Anytime Express’s International Excess Baggage service. We all know sometimes we need to carry more luggage than the weight prescribed by the airlines. Travel with lightweight luggage and send your excess baggage via our international extra baggage services at the best price.

As one of the best logistics service providers, we can help you transport your excess luggage at cheap shipping rates. We ensure that you do not waste your money on paying the airline’s extra charges. With our cost-effective services, you can get your excess shipped to your destination without any hassle.

Not only excess baggage, but you can also send food or other items through our international delivery services to your loved ones or friends. Anytime Express provides the fastest and trusted courier, parcel, excess baggage services, cargo services at a cost-effective rate.  You can get delivery services for various popular destinations, including the USA, Europe, Canada, Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, and other countries.

Our excess baggage shipping services are targeted to those relocating from one country to another. We all know that excess and unaccompanied baggage are the most common issues the customers face while moving to another country. We help you to cut off these hefty chargeswith our affordable excess baggage service.

Reach us out to get guaranteed spare luggage service, and get your extra luggage delivered to your doorstep in the right condition. Make sure there are no banned contraband, illegal and restricted items in your luggage as you will be liable in such case of detention. Hence, it is your responsibility to clear the customs formalities and not to carry any restricted items.

From the packing of your entire excess or unaccompanied baggage, a free door pickup, to the safe delivery of your luggage at your destination, we ensure you get the best and trusted service.

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