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We offer DPD courier near me to UK, Germany, Italy, Denmark, France & All Other European Countries with free pick-up and packaging services.

If you are looking for international courier services like Business Deliveries, Supply Chain, Food Delivery, Out of Home Delivery and Healthcare Delivery to or from Delhi NCR, we have you covered. Customise our flexible and on time delivery services to match your needs.

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Why choose DPD courier services in Delhi,India with Anytime Express?

  • Free pickups and packaging in Delhi NCR area
  • Free documentation from our experts
  • Easy booking and payment options
  • Live package tracking
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Door to door services
  • Reliable network in 230+ countries
  • Solutions for all kinds of courier and logistic needs

With more than 58,000 pickup points across the world, door to door services are now much easier with DPD Courier. It also supports zero-low emission delivery for a greener environment.

“Experience Courier Services from the UK’s leading delivery brand with Anytime Express”

 DPD courier India services are specially designed for easy e-commerce logistics services connecting consumers, suppliers and all other stakeholders. It is considered the best option for parcels up to 31.5 kgs. DPD’s unique feature allows complete control to consignees to check upon the deliveries after confirmed bookings.

DPD Courier Delhi to Abroad Charges Per Kg from India

DPD Courier Charges Per Kg: Express ChargesApprox DaysEconomy ChargesApprox Days
< 0.5KgNA3-5 Days₹ 1259.008-14 Days
0.5-1 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 1470.008-14 Days
1-2 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 1700.008-14 Days
2-3 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 2000.008-14 Days
3-4 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 2450.008-14 Days
4-5 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 3090.008-14 Days
5-6 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 3200.008-14 Days
6-7 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 3600.008-14 Days
7-8 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 3950.008-14 Days
8-9 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 4200.008-14 Days
9-10 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 4400.008-14 Days
DPD Courier Delhi,India Bulk Charges: Updated( May 2024)
Above 10 Kg NA3-5 Days₹ 380.008-14 Days
Above 20 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 350.008-14 Days
Above 30 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 320.008-14 Days
Above 40 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 310.008-14 Days
Above 50 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 290.008-14 Days
Above 70 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 275.008-14 Days
Above 100 KgNA3-5 Days₹ 250.008-14 Days

 DPD Courier Delhi India: Anytime Express 

Located in France, DPD is an international parcel service provider delivering shipment services across the world. DPD is serving services for compatible goods that weigh under 30 kg and serves 5.3 million parcels across the world. BRT, Chronopost and Seur are the brands. It is currently managing its services to operate mainly in the express road-based market.

DPD Group network operates in 230+ countries and is now delivering with safety measures amid the pandemic. The Group courier services are accessible in Asia, Europe, India, Brazil, and various other countries. It is currently run by La Poste, an international delivery network that is being operated by a French State-owned postal facility.

Documents Requirement - DPD Courier Delhi,India


Goods for an Individual’s Personal Use

       A single ID with a photograph (Aadhar card, pan card, and passport copy)

       Validation of one address (Aadhar card copy, electricity bill copy, water bill copy, landline bill copy, passport copy)


For Business to Business Personal Goods or Samples

       Photo ID of the signatory or director’s authorization

       Proof of the signatory or director’s authorization

       IEC of the business, an electricity bill, and a landline bill

       KYC Form signature

       GST registration number

       ID for taxes

       Invoice and packing list

DPD Courier India - Weight limit

Weight Limit

  •        If your package is both large and light, the delivery fee might be determined using the volumetric weight of the package rather than its actual weight.
  •        The weight of a package is rounded to the nearest kilo. The formula below should be used to determine the volumetric weight:
  •        Length x Width x Height (cm) / 5000 = Weight (Kg)


Dpd Courier Delhi India- Restricted Items list


       Human ashes or corpses

       Veggies and fruits

       Dry Ice

       Lottery tickets

       Pornography Content

       Foods that need to be refrigerated

       Hazardous products

       Radioactive materials


       Fashionable attire

       Expensive jewellery


       Samples of bacteria or viruses

       Harmful substances

       Financial instruments

Things to Know While Using DPD Courier India

       Medicine Packages are Not Accepted

       An additional 18% Good Service Tax (GST) would be added to the total bill.

       If you send electronics, medications, food, wood, etc., we will charge you 2,000 plus GST. These things will cost you more.

       The cost of packaging is additional.

       The more actual and dimensional weight, the more you’ll pay.

       The ETA will only take business/working days into account.

       The company cannot be held accountable for unusual customs delays for reasons beyond its control.

       The prices shown above only apply to non-commercial consignments.

       Pan card and Adhar card submissions are required.

       If a courier weighs more than 1 kg, packing them in a box is required (Gunny bags and Envelopes can be used for up to 1 Kg Only).

       The penalties levied for providing false information, giving misleading information, or attempting to transport prohibited commodities range from 5,000 to 25,000 rupees.

       Once the package arrives at our office, a bill will be generated.


       To confirm a pick-up, you would have to AGREE and UNDERSTAND the Manual + Terms & Conditions.

How Anytime Express connected with DPD Group?

Anytime Express Providing DPD Courier Delhi & Dpd Courier India Services as we have collaborated with third party vendor having direct account with DPD Group to offer you the best delivery services at reasonable rates to all the major countries across all 7 continents. We offer 24/7 support customer services. Our team and our partners work our best to provide you the best solution for your international courier services needs. It is our comprehensive network that binds our customers to us and the trusted experts they love. 

Are You Looking For DPD Courier Near Me ?

Anytime Express provides free door collection from all parts of India. Don’t worry if you are looking for dpd courier near you. We will pick from your address and deliver safely at destination. Checkout the charges below:
Courier charges for uk
Courier charges for usa
Courier charges for canada
Courier charges for Germany
Courier charges for france


Yes, DPD Group services are available in Delhi with Anytime Express International Couriers.

If you want hassle-free service or want a free quote call us  or mail us a message on our website and Whatsapp.

Illegal and hazardous items can not be sent through courier. Much of that also depends on the sending and the destination country’s rules and regulations.

It usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks to deliver internationally depending on the destination.

Yes, we offer door to door services and free pickup/packaging in Delhi NCR.

You will need proof of identity and some other documents depending on the item you are looking to send. Worry not! Anytime Express offers you free expert documentation as required.

Anytime Express, you can totally rely upon. Using Anytime Express DPD courier Delhi to Abroad we provide upto 50% discount and duty free guaranteed delivery all over our operational countries.

Anytime Express Provides duty free delivery services using DPD courier Delhi.

Anytime Express, Starting price is 1200 INR for sending Upto 1 kg package to UK through DPD. For above 10 kg parcel through DPD to UK it will cost you INR 380 Per Kg with duty free guaranteed delivery.

DPD Courier India, Plane Flying Cargo Ship. Anytime Express


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