Per Kg International Courier Charges For Ghana From India- Shipping From Delhi To Accra

Best and Cheapest Courier Services For Ghana From India

If you are someone who is looking for courier services to Ghana, then you can trust the services of Anytime Express. Your package will be successfully delivered within 3-5 working days in express mode and 8 to 12 working days in Economy mode. You can send your shipment of any kind without any hassle with the proper guidance of Anytime Express. Choose us for your courier needs worldwide and to experience the most reliable international courier service in India. Courier Charges For Ghana depend on weight, service and product. Contact us  now to get exclusive deals and discounts for international courier to Ghana from Delhi India. We provides you best discounts on your first booking so call us or mail us for more details about Delhi to Ghana courier charges and  for other information. Be assured that your Courier for Ghana from India will delivered on accurate time, safely and securely.

Courier Charges For Ghana

What can you send to Ghana From India?

Some items are banned from being couriered to Ghana- plants, seeds, wheat, intoxicating liquors, and some more. Here’s a brief on what can you courier-

DocumentsHousehold ItemsMedicinesEdible ItemsManufactured ItemsCommercial Goods
All documents are allowed to be couriered. Invitation cards, official documents, or any confidential documents. They will be safe and delivered in the best conditions to Ghana From Delhi India.Clothes, gift items, home decor or any personal belongings. You can courier all items to Ghana from Delhi India.With a valid prescription from a practicing doctor, any medicine can be delivered to  Ghana From Delhi India. Medicine should be legal to be delivered. Medical materials and specimens are prohibited.Any handmade items, processed foods, or spices will be delivered. Any perishable goods will not be allowed to be delivered.   All manufactured goods such as vehicles, furniture, or machines will be delivered to Ghana From Delhi India.          Any commercial shipment of any quantity can be shipped to Ghana.


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Awarded Best Rated International Courier Services For 2024

Detailed Per Kg India, Delhi to Ghana Courier Charges (Updated July 2024)

Weight (KG)Express ChargesApprox DaysEconomy ChargesApprox Days
< 0.5Kg₹ 2200.003-5 Days₹ 1290.008-14 Days
0.5-1 Kg₹ 2600.003-5 Days₹ 1550.008-14 Days
1-2 Kg₹ 2980.003-5 Days₹ 1800.008-14 Days
2-3 Kg₹ 3400.003-5 Days₹ 2050.008-14 Days
3-4 Kg₹ 3800.003-5 Days₹ 2250.008-14 Days
4-5 Kg₹ 4200.003-5 Days₹ 2600.008-14 Days
5-6 Kg₹ 5420.003-5 Days₹ 2950.008-14 Days
6-7 Kg₹ 6120.003-5 Days₹ 3200.008-14 Days
7-8 Kg₹ 6560.003-5 Days₹ 3560.008-14 Days
8-9 Kg₹ 7090.003-5 Days₹ 3890.008-14 Days
9-10 Kg₹ 7450.003-5 Days₹ 4290.008-14 Days

Delhi To Ghana Courier Charges Per Kg

Per Kg (₹) Courier Charges For Ghana
Above 10 Kg₹ 680.003-5 Days₹ 500.008-14 Days
Above 20 Kg₹ 650.003-5 Days₹ 450.008-14 Days
Above 30 Kg₹ 620.003-5 Days₹ 430.008-14 Days
Above 40 Kg₹ 600.003-5 Days₹ 390.008-14 Days
Above 50 Kg₹ 580.003-5 Days₹ 380.008-14 Days
Above 70 Kg₹ 550.003-5 Days₹ 350.008-14 Days
Above 100 Kg₹ 520.003-5 Days₹ 320.008-14 Days

Courier Charges for Ghana per Kg from Delhi India

Additional Information For Delhi to Ghana Courier Charges

       Medicine delivery requires documents

       An additional 18% Good Service Tax (GST) would be added to the total bill.

       If you send electronics, medications, food, wood, etc., we will charge you INR 2,000 plus GST. These things will cost you more.

       The cost of packaging is additional. The more actual and dimensional weight, the more you’ll pay.

       Before booking, please see the list of prohibited items.

       The ETA will only take business/working days into account.

       The Company cannot be held accountable for unusual customs delays for reasons beyond its control.

       The consignee will be responsible for paying applicable customs fees; the company has no financial stake in this matter.

       The prices shown above only apply to non-commercial consignments.

       The estimated time is the number of working days it will take for the package to arrive from Delhi.

       Pan card and Adhar card submission are required.

       If a courier weighs more than 1 kg, it is required that they be packed in a box. (Gunny bags and envelopes are only good for up to 1 kg of weight.)

       Anytime Express may fine you between 5,000 and 25,000 rupees for providing false information, giving misleading information, or attempting to transport restricted items.

       Once the package arrives at our office, a bill will be generated.

       You must agree to and understand the manual + the terms and conditions to confirm a pickup.


       The prices listed above are for delivery from our office to your door.

Economy Courier Service To Ghana

We have multiple courier options for Ghana in Economy mode. We called it Self Network Or Air Cargo Mode. It takes around 10 to 15 working days for  India To Ghana courier service. Economy Courier Charges for Ghana From Delhi is Cheaper than Express Service. This Service is Insured and Reliable. It is popular for those who want economy options or whose product is heavy.

Express Courier Service To Ghana

Express Service Comprises of DHL, FedEx, UPS Etc. It takes around 4 to 7 working days for the delivery in Express Mode. Express Courier Charges For Ghana are more expensive than economy courier services. This service is also 100% insured and very popular. This service can be used if you want to send documents or any such items which you want urgent delivery. 

Enjoy 80% Off On Secure Shipping from Delhi to Ghana Courier Charges

In today’s fast- world, trusted and reliable courier services are essential. If you are worried about sending a special package to a loved one, ensuring your shipment reaches its destination accurately on time, and safely is crucial. Anytime Express Courier understands these needs and offers exceptional services from Delhi to Ghana. What’s more, we provide  80% off special discounts on Delhi to Ghana courier charges, making our service not only reliable but also highly affordable.

Document Requirements For Sending Courier To Ghana From Delhi India

For Individual:

  • Sender Aadhar Card
  • Sender Pan Card
  • List of the items

For Company:

  • Company Pan Card
  • Company Gst Certificate
  • Invoice on Company Letterhead
  • Company Import Export Certificate
  • Packing List

Documents required for sending chemicals, liquids, powder and samples Courier from India To Ghana

  • Company Pan Card
  • Company Gst Certificate
  • MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • Lab Report(Analysis Report)
  • Sample Invoice
  • Import Export License
  • Non Dg Declaration

What Types of products we can ship to Ghana from Delhi India?

1. Documents or Papers.

2. Eatable Items.

3. Allopathic/Ayurvedic/Herbal Medicines.

4. Extra or Excess Baggage.

5. Electronic Items or Tools.

6. Garments or Fashionable Items.

7. Notebook, Magazines, or any kind of book.

8. Handicraft Items.

9. Medicine Shipping Charges to Ghana

Apart from the above items, anything can be sent via Courier from India to any Country but Subject to the Item is Legal & permissible.

List Of Restriction Or Prohibition On Sending Courier To Ghana From Delhi India

  • Human organs and human remains, including ashes
  • Animals (including insects), parts of animals (also fur and ivory), and hunting trophies
  • Plants, except flower bulbs, seeds and tubers
  • Christmas trees
  • Fertilizer 
  • Prohibited items such as firearms, explosives, military equipment, etc.
  • Illegal goods such as counterfeit products
  • Watches with a value of €5.000 or more
  • Manure, fertilizers, and plant food, not dissolved in water. Both organic and artificial fertilizer
  • Narcotics/drugs and products related or similar to them, including (but not limited to) drugs/substances/products subject to the Opium Act and/or products containing CBD (Cannabidiol), both natural and synthetic
  • Click here to view full list
DHL International Courier Services, UPS, Aramex, DPD, Purolator ,DPEX

How to Calculate Volumetric Weight for Sending Courier to Ghana from India?

Its important to know the way to calculate the volumetric weight of your box before shipping. Basically weight is calculated comparing both the actual weight and volumetric weight of your box. Lets get you clear with an example, you have a box of 10 kg to send Delhi to Ghana Courier but you’re not aware of the volumetric weight, you just take the measurement of particular box size (length, width & heigh)t in cms and divide them by 5000.

For Example:
Box Weight: 10 Kg 

Size of Box: 40 Cms(length) 60 Cms(Width) 40 Cms(Height)         (L*B*H IN CMS/5000) 

You can calculate it as: 40*60*40/5000 = 19.2 KG

So Here in this case, the volumetric weight of your box is 19.2 kg which comes to our slab of 19-20 kg. Now here you will be paying for the volumetric weight

Basically , Rates are calculated based on the higher side comparing both actual weight and the volumetric weight whichever is higher.

Weight Limit on Sending International Courier to Ghana From Delhi India

For the packages and Courier to Ghana from Delhi India, several brands have established particular standard weight and size limits. The limitations listed below only apply to specific programs. The maximum weight for your cargo in non-commercial mode is 68 kg, and you can send no more than three boxes on a single airway bill.

  1.        Packages in a single box might weigh up to 30 kg.
  2.        Courier / Parcel should have a length and breadth of up to 380 cm.
  3.        Package length is limited to 275 cm.
  4.        Packages weighing more than 31 kg (or 25 kg inside) are subject to additional heavy-package fees.
  5.        Depending on the packaging method and the eventual destination, different packages have different size-special prices and dimensional weight estimates.

Process Involved For Door to Door Courier Services to Ghana
From Delhi India

Anytime Express provides the cheapest international courier service for Ghana from India. Anytime Express provides free pickup and packing services, Affordable Courier charges for Ghana, live tracking, Insurance, and timely delivery of your parcel to Ghana from Delhi India. The procedure for sending courier to Ghana from Delhi India is under below:

1.         Call us and get a quote as per your requirements

2.          Schedule your collection at your preferred date and time.

3.         Next your parcel will get dispatched in time for connection.

4.         Get the tracking number along with the tracking link

5.         Your parcel will be in Transit to Ghana.

6.         Arrival in Ghana.

7.         Ghana Custom Clearance

8.         Hand over to the Delivery Team.

9.         Door Delivery at Ghana.

Why Choose Anytime Express for Delhi to Ghana Courier Service?

 Anytime Express has been providing door-to-door Courier Service to Ghana from India Delhi Our mission is to provide high-quality service and value for money through a range of top international carriers and services for all your shipments going to Ghana. We have grown steadily since our incorporation and are proud to facilitate shipments to Ghana for more than thousand of customers throughout Delhi and India. Our door-to-door Delhi to Ghana Courier Charge is one of the very least and competitive in the market. we are unique among freight forwarders for the excellence of our customer service and ease in touch with direct person.

Partnering with Anytime Express makes sure you get the right services for your business or personal international cargo and courier service needs opportunities with our extensive network of more than 50,000 units of carriers. Our team is experienced to help you with your logistics needs and dedicated to bringing you the direct access to a full range of international Courier Services in Delhi NCR. People usually search International Courier Services Near Me in Order to find the nearest available courier service providers but now there is no need to search for the courier partner if you’re in Delhi. Anytime Express Service is always available at your services. 

 we can guarantee quick and effective parcel shipment by providing a door-to-door pickup service. More than 250 nations, including Ghana, receive packages delivered by Anytime Express. Therefore, our knowledgeable staff will be there to assist you at every stage of the process, whether you require an international courier pickup at your home or place of business in order to send a package to your relatives or friends who live abroad or you merely need someone to provide overseas freight forwarding services. For Best Delhi to Ghana Courier Charge you’re just a call away. We being a three best rated courier service provider in Delhi & India, you are at hassle free zone for best shipping experience.

Advantages of using our courier, cargo & parcel services for Ghana from Delhi India

1.Trustworthy: Anytime Express is known for its reliable shipping services, ensuring that your parcels reach Ghana on time and in good condition.

2. Wide Range of Services: Anytime Express have a wide range of services like DHL,ARAMEX,UPS and many other partner which help to send your courier hassle freely. 

3. Live tracking: Anytime Express provides you live tracking, allowing you to monitor your shipment’s progress from pickup in Delhi to delivery in Ghana. We also offer customer support to address any queries or concerns.

4. Affordable Pricing: We offer minimum rate for shipping from Delhi to Ghana, making our services affordable with minimum price and not compromising with quality.

5. Customs Clearance: Anytime Express is export and have experience in handling customs clearance processes, making the shipping process easier to deliver your parcel from Delhi to Ghana.

6. Security: We focus on the security of shipments, ensuring you to protect parcels from loss or damage during transit.

7. Door-to-Door Delivery: Anytime Express offers you door-to-door delivery service, ensuring that your parcels are picked up from your location anywhere from Delhi and delivered directly to the desired destination in Ghana, providing you best service.

8. Specialized Handling: Anytime Express provides specialized handling for different types of shipments, whether it’s documents, packages, or larger cargo, ensuring that each item is handled with care and according to specific shipping requirements.

9. Coverage Around Ghana: We allow you to send your shipment cargo, parcel, and Courier to all the cities place in Ghana.

10. Mode of  transport for Ghana: We provide you Express and Economy mode for courier to Ghana .Express mode takes 3-5  business days where economy mode takes 8-12 business days to delivered your parcel. you can choose the best service .

How Can I book Delhi to Ghana Courier?

Booking a courier to Ghana through Anytime Express is a streamlined process that begins with visiting their website or mobile app. First, you’ll need to create an account if you haven’t already done so. Next, enter the details of your shipment, including dimensions, weight, and destination (Ghana). After providing this information, you can select the type of service you require, whether it’s express delivery for urgent shipments or standard delivery for less time-sensitive items. Once you’ve received a quote for the shipping costs, you can proceed to schedule a convenient pickup location and time. Complete the booking by confirming the details and making the necessary payment. Throughout the shipping process, you can track your shipment’s progress using Anytime Express’s tracking feature on their website or app, ensuring peace of mind and timely delivery to Ghana

Applicable Extra Courier Charges For Ghana From India

*COVID charges – 37 Per Kg
*extra charges applicable for Fuel and GST
*Remote Area Charges applicable Fee of Rs. 45 Plus Fuel and GST per kg with a minimum of Rs. 2500 Plus Fuel and GST will be charged extra.
*Any other levies, taxes or duties enforced by the government would be charged extra, if and as applicable.
*Weight of every piece rounded up to the next chargeable weight slab in case of MPS .
*Weight of all pieces calculated separately in case of MPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send almost everything such as books, utensils, household items, food items, medicine etc You can view the restricted list here.

Contact Anytime Express, tell your requirements, and book your shipment instantly. Rest be assured your parcel will be safely delivered at your home address in Ghana

Yes, Anytime Express can help you out for sending your household items to Ghana without any hassle. Call us now and get instant quotation

Our Service is Completely door to door. Your parcel will be delivered to your home address. The custom clearance process will be handled by us. However, if any documents or custom charges is applicable then receiver should be responsible for it.for more information email us now .

Yes, we provide free door collection from any parts of India 

We provide complete door delivery services from India to Ghana.

If your parcel is  non urgent we recommend to use economy service.

DHL, FeDex are rapid courier service to Ghana from Delhi India.

Courier Charges for Ghana depend on weight, content types. Price ranges from Rs 400 to Rs800 per kg. Contact us know latest rates.

The best way to send parcel to Ghana is in Air mode. Contact us and learn more on this.

Yes, you can send your excess baggage from India to Ghana with Anytime Express at an affordable cost.

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