Courier Charges Per KG From India To UK

We offer fast and reliable international courier services to/from United Kingdom. Anytime Express is the cure to all your shipping woes. It does not matter if you are looking to deliver for your business or personal needs, we provide for all needs, scale and complexity. Anytime Express would be delighted to serve you on your conditions, whenever you wish and wherever you wish to. We have a dedicated customer service team that works round the clock, to handle and resolve your queries. Feel free to call, email or message us anytime if you want to get more information about Courier Charges Per KG From Delhi India to UK.

What Are The Courier charges Per KG From Delhi India To London, UK?

Weight (KG)Express ChargesApprox DaysEconomy ChargesApprox Days
< 0.5Kg₹ 1900.003-5 Days₹ 1000.006-10 Days
0.5-1 Kg₹ 2150.003-5 Days₹ 1400.006-10 Days
1-2 Kg₹ 2400.003-5 Days₹ 1700.006-10 Days
2-3 Kg₹ 3500.003-5 Days₹ 2290.006-10 Days
3-4 Kg₹ 3800.003-5 Days₹ 2750.006-10 Days
4-5 Kg₹ 4400.003-5 Days₹ 2900.006-10 Days
5-6 Kg₹ 5450.003-5 Days₹ 3200.006-10 Days
6-7 Kg₹ 5800.003-5 Days₹ 3450.006-10 Days
7-8 Kg₹ 6100.003-5 Days₹ 3790.006-10 Days
8-9 Kg₹ 6450.003-5 Days₹ 4000.006-10 Days
9-10 Kg₹ 6700.003-5 Days₹ 4100.006-10 Days
Per KG Charges From Delhi To London – AnytimeExpress (Updated Feb 2023)
Bulk Charges For UK (Above 10KG)
Above 10 Kg₹ 599.003-5 Days₹ 300.006-10 Days
Above 20 Kg₹ 500.003-5 Days₹ 250.006-10 Days
Above 30 Kg₹ 500.003-5 Days₹ 210.006-10 Days
Above 40 Kg₹ 420.003-5 Days₹ 210.006-10 Days
Above 50 Kg₹ 450.003-5 Days₹ 199.006-10 Days
Above 70 Kg₹ 400.003-5 Days₹ 159.006-10 Days
Above 100 Kg₹ 350.003-5 Days₹ 199.006-10 Days
Bulk Charges From India to UK : AnytimeExpress (Updated Feb 2023)

What is the List Of Items that can be delivered to UK?

Documents– Any kind of documents can be delivered to and from UK. We understand the importance of documents and what seems like a simple piece of paper can hold a lot of importance to you, be it a wedding invitation or a confidential business agreement. You can rest assured.

Household items– We would be delighted to deliver household products such as clothes, home décor, gifts and any personal stuff. Nothing is too trivial for us. Want to get your sister’s favorite stuffed toy delivered to her in UK? We got you.

Medicines– You are allowed to send medicines, provided that they are prescribed by a doctor, to and from UK. We will be extra careful with your parcel keeping it under appropriate temperature and pressure.

Edible Items- Almost all handmade food and processed food are eligible to get delivered to and from UK, provided they come under the deliverable items.

Manufactured Items– Manufactured items or B2B and B2C can be sent to and from UK. The list includes but is not limited to vehicles, furniture machines through sea freight. Please call our customer support for more information about the entire list and charges that may apply.

Please Note :-

The prices or cost of the shipment delivered depends on the actual, chargeable and volumetric weight of the consignment. The charges however, may vary based on the speed you pick for your parcel. We have two modes of deliveries available for our clients- Economy which takes 7-10 business days to get the parcels delivered and the other one is Express, which as the name suggests, gets your parcel delivered in just 3-6 business days. Pick the mode of delivery as per your convenience and sit back and relax. We will take it from here.

*COVID charges – 37 Per Kg
*extra charges applicable for Fuel and GST
*Remote Area Charges applicable Fee of Rs. 45 Plus Fuel and GST per kg with a minimum of Rs. 2500 Plus Fuel and GST will be charged extra.
*Any other levies, taxes or duties enforced by the government would be charged extra, if and as applicable.
*Weight of every piece rounded up to the next chargeable weight slab in case of MPS .
*Weight of all pieces calculated separately in case of MPS.

UK has always been open to change, as a result, a lot of products can be sent via international courier services to and from UK. With that being said, there are some products that are banned or prohibited to get delivered in UK. This action is taken to ensure the safety of citizens and to maintain peace and harmony in the country. You will find the list of banned items mentioned below;

Illegal Drugs

Rough Diamonds


Endangered plant and animal species

International Courier Service – AnytimeExpress

FAQ’s- Courier Service for UK from Delhi (India)

What if the product I courier is delicate?

If your item is delicate, we advise adding fragile labels to the box’s outside on either side and adhering to our packaging recommendations to ensure your things are well-protected. In the event of damage, some delicate items are not covered for compensation. For more information, please see our list of things that aren’t eligible for compensation.

What things can’t I send, exactly?

Restricted products can only be delivered under particular conditions, and prohibited goods, which cannot be accepted for delivery at all, can be an issue. Typically, this is because of the possibility of danger. We will have to return any packages you send or attempt to send that include illegal or restricted items to you, or in some cases, we will destroy the package. Before sending it, kindly ensure you know what we can and cannot carry on your behalf.

Can I mail multiple items in one package?

Of course, just ensure that each package item is individually wrapped and safeguarded with the proper packaging materials.

I received my package late, damaged, or lost; why am I not entitled to compensation?

If you don’t qualify for compensation, it’s possible that the things you delivered are not eligible or that your package needed to be packaged properly by our packaging rules. Sadly, we cannot provide compensation for the loss or destruction of any unsafe, hazardous, or illegal goods. Jewelry, antiquities, and things made of or containing glass are only a few examples of the numerous fragile, priceless, and perishable objects that are not eligible for reimbursement. See the complete list of things not eligible for compensation for additional information.

How long does a courier deliver a package from India to the UK?

Anytime Express shipping will take 3-5 business days, while our inexpensive courier (Economy Service) often requires an average of 8-12 working days to deliver products between these countries. The distance has the biggest impact on the delivery time. However, anytime express is always an option. The required delivery time thus decreases, sometimes to just a few hours. Fast shipment is typically delivered to the recipient’s hands in 3-5 business days. Using our platform, anyone who sends a package can regularly monitor its location. This makes it simpler to pinpoint the precise day the gift was delivered to the receiver and to locate it in case it gets lost.

How does Anytime Express work?

The online shipping marketplace Anytime Express brings together thousands of domestic and international shippers, on whose trucks Anytime Express looks for space and makes effective use of it. This makes it possible for you to deliver both big and small packages (even extremely urgent, if needed). It is constantly looking for available capacity on one or more carriers’ vehicles. We can give you the absolute best rates for courier and package services from India to the UK thanks to the innovative Anytime Express platform, and we can also guarantee the quality of these services if you require an urgent delivery from India to the UK.

What time frame do we have to pay for the package?

Once your package arrives at our Mumbai warehouse, you will receive a payment invoice and Anytime Express account information. At the time of pickup, payment is not required.

Do you recommend using a suitcase or a cardboard box to pack the package?

Yes, Anytime Express offers its customers packaging services. The sender must complete basic packaging for consumers outside of India; after the package arrives at our warehouse, we will repackage it and add a finishing touch at no additional cost (if required).

Are there additional hidden fees besides the price listed on the website?

No, the price listed on the website does not include any additional fees. The prices listed on the website include delivery from door to door, pickup, repackaging, fuel cost, insurance, and Customs Duty.

What types of legal delivery and courier services do you offer?

Our delivery and legal courier drivers are knowledgeable and skilled. We represent not only lawful shipments but also the fundamental operation of the legal system. As a result, we offer quick deliveries and expedite court filing, document retrieval, and the staging and shipping of court records. We are aware of your needs for legal courier and shipping services, as we have served thousands of law firms worldwide.

What does Anytime Express’ DUTY PAID service mean?

From India, Anytime Express offers Duty Paid services to the UK. It implies that Anytime Express will cover customs fees that may be assessed at the final destination. The duty fees are not the responsibility of the receiver.

What advantages do Anytime Express users receive?

Because of the number of couriers we send both domestically and abroad and the long-standing ties we have with our courier partners, we are able to offer our customers prices that are significantly lower. Instead of going directly to the courier, we offer the same door-to-door delivery service at a lower cost.

How long does cargo travel from India to the UK take?

The delivery time to the UK is typically 4-6 working days, although this is always an estimate because it depends on how quickly customs clearance procedures go.