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How to Send Courier For Saudi Arabia from India?

Looking for the best Courier Charges for Saudi Arabia, Anytime Express is here for you to deliver your courier smoothly and in cost-effective way. Anytime Express offers you the best courier charge for Saudi Arabia with fast secure delivery. We have a wide range of services like DHL , UPS, ARAMEX..etc . We are available at 24/7 you can call us and get all the information for the international courier charges for Saudi Arabia.

Anytime Express provides free pick up from your doorstep and gives you door delivery to your destination in Saudi Arabia. We are 100% reliable, we know sending a courier to Saudi Arabia may become stress for you but not to worry Anytime Express is here to reduce your stress and provide smooth delivery for courier to Saudi Arabia from India. We believe in customer satisfaction by providing fast and transparent services.

Our International Courier charge for Saudi Arabia are affordable and cheapest with 100% insurance. We provide you live tracking in delivery process to your destination. Anytime Express provide you door door delivery and give a heavy discount for your first booking so get ready and deliver your courier for Saudi Arabia from India. Courier Charge For Saudi Arabia from India is very cheap and at Affordable price. For Best Experience in Sending Courier to Saudi Arabia, you’re just a call away. You are at the right place For Best Courier Charge For Saudi Arabia.

Courier Charges for Saudi Arabia

Why Send Courier to Saudi From India With Anytime Express?

• Affordable Rates.

• Free Packing Services.

• 24/7 Support for customers.

• Duty-Free Delivery in Economy Mode.

• Online tracking

• Free Doorstep collection in India

All updates on WhatsApp for Courier Status

• Timely Delivery of your Shipments

• Three best-rated agency

Courier Charge For Saudi Arabia is comparatively best and lowest through Anytime Express.



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Awarded Best Rated International Courier Services For 2024

Top Cities in Saudi Arabia For Courier Services From India

Riyadh Arabia


Courier Charges for Saudi Arabia - Cheapest International Courier Charges For Saudi From India (Updated July 2024)

Courier Charge For Saudi Arabia
 Weight (KG)
Express Charges Approx Days Economy Charges Approx Days
< 0.5Kg ₹ 1910.00 3-5 Days ₹ 1200.00 8-10 Days
0.5-1 Kg ₹ 2160.00 3-5 Days ₹ 1800.00 8-10 Days
1-2 Kg ₹ 2390.00 3-5 Days ₹ 1900.00 8-10 Days
2-3 Kg ₹ 3400.00 3-5 Days ₹ 2390.00 8-10 Days
3-4 Kg ₹ 3900.00 3-5 Days ₹ 2850.00 8-10 Days
4-5 Kg ₹ 4400.00 3-5 Days ₹ 3100.00 8-10 Days
5-6 Kg ₹ 5450.00 3-5 Days ₹ 3000.00 8-10 Days
6-7 Kg ₹ 5900.00 3-5 Days ₹ 3250.00 8-10 Days
7-8 Kg ₹ 6500.00 3-5 Days ₹ 3990.00 8-10 Days
8-9 Kg ₹ 6850.00 3-5 Days ₹ 4200.00 8-10 Days
9-10 Kg ₹ 6900.00 3-5 Days ₹ 4800.00 8-10 Days

For more than 10kg contact us and get spot discounted rate– Anytime Express (Updated July 2024)

Things to Keep in Mind While Sending Your Courier/Parcel to Saudi Arabia

Information Required to send Courier to Saudi Arabia

  •        Medicine delivery requires documents for sending India to Saudi Arabia
  •        An additional 18% Good Service Tax (GST) would be added to the total bill.
  •        If you send electronics, medications, food, wood, etc., we will charge you $2,000 plus GST. These things will cost you more.
  •        The cost of packaging is additional. The more actual and dimensional weight, the more you’ll pay.
  •        Before booking, please see the list of prohibited items.
  •        The ETA will only take business/working days into account.
  •        The Company cannot be held accountable for unusual customs delays for reasons beyond its control.
  •        The consignee will be responsible for paying applicable customs fees; the company has no financial stake in this matter.
  •        The prices shown above only apply to non-commercial consignments.
  •        The estimated time is the number of working days it will take for the package to arrive from Delhi.
  •        Pan card and Adhar card submission are required.
  •        If a courier weighs more than 1 kg, it is required that they be packed in a box. (Gunny bags and envelopes are only good for up to 1 kg of weight.)
  •        Anytime Express may fine you between 5,000 and 25,000 rupees for providing false information, giving misleading information, or attempting to transport restricted items.
  •        Once the package arrives at our office, a bill will be generated.
  •        You must agree to and understand the manual + the terms and conditions to confirm a pickup.
  •        The prices listed above are for delivery from our office to your door


Documents Required for Sending Courier For Saudi Arabia From India

 Individual’s Personal Use

  • A single ID with a photograph (Aadhar card, pan card, and passport copy)
  • Validation of address (Aadhar card copy, electricity bill copy, water bill copy, landline bill copy, passport copy)
  • Invoice

For Business to Business Personal Goods or Samples

  • Photo ID of the signatory or director’s authorization
  • Proof of the signatory or director’s authorization
  • IEC of the business, an electricity bill, and a landline bill
  • KYC Form signature
  • GST registration number
  • ID for taxes
  • Invoice and packing list

Commercial Documents Required for sending courier from India To Saudi Arabia

  • Last shipping bill copy (3 COPIES)
  • Last shipping bill copy (3 COPIES)
  • SLI (3 COPIES)
  • SDF (3 COPIES)
  • Anex A (3 COPIES)
  • Pan Card (3 COPIES)
  • Invoice On Letterhead (5 COPIES)
  • Packing List (3 COPIES)
  • KYC form (2 COPIES)
  • Passport-size photo with self-attested stamp and signature (2 COPIES)
  • Authorized Signature Photo ID, signature, and Address Proof (3 COPIES)

How to Calculate Volumetric Weight for Sending Courier For Saudi from India?

Its important to know the way to calculate the volumetric weight of your box before shipping your Courier to Saudi Arabia from India. Basically weight is calculated comparing both the acutal weight and volumetric weight of your box. Lets get you clear with an example, you have a box of 10 kg to send Delhi to Saudi Courier but you’re not aware of the volumetric weight, you just take the measurement of particular box size (length, width & heigh)t in cms and divide them by 5000.

For Example:
Box Weight: 10 Kg 

Size of Box: 40 Cms(length) 60 Cms(Width) 40 Cms(Height)         (L*B*H IN CMS/5000) 

You can calculate it as: 40*60*40/5000 = 19.2 KG

So Here in this case, the volumetric weight of your box is 19.2 kg which comes to our slab of 19-20 kg. Now here you will be paying for the volumetric weight

Basically , Rates are calculated based on the higher side comparing both actual weight and the volumetric weight whichever is higher.

Things Allowed To Ship Courier to Saudi from India

Papers/Files Delivery: India to Saudi for papers or documents ranges from Rs1800 to Rs 3800. Courier charges for Saudi Arabia completely depends on the service you choose, and your documents will reach your destination safely, quickly, and securely.

Pharmaceutical supply: We always consider the importance of our customer values. If you want to send any prescribed medicine Courier to Saudi Arabia from India you can deliver it through our services. For courier charges for Saudi fill up the form or WhatsApp us ,we shall get back to you with our best deals and offers.

Gift Items: Gift items such as handicrafts, toys or any other item can be sent to Saudi from India, but you must declare what the item is. Also value exceeding Rs24999 is not allowed to send.

Grocery Delivery: You can easily share food items and edible products for your friends, family, and loved ones to Saudi Arabia from India. You can check out our cost-effective and reliable service to deliver your product. Courier Charges for Saudi Arabia from India for food items delivery is same as normal cost.

Manufactured Items: If you need any help without business shipment, you can count on us. From door-to-door service to guaranteed shipping, you can deliver your Courier from India to Saudi Arabia. You choose our affordable cargo service to ship your product without any hassle.

Household Items: Household items such as clothes, kitchen utensils, bags, stationery and all other items can be sent easily in personal mode from India to Saudi.  courier charges for Saudi Arabia household items are same as normal cost and no any hidden charges is applicable.

Please note

*COVID charges – 37 Per Kg
*extra charges applicable for Fuel and GST
*Remote Area Charges applicable Fee of Rs. 45 Plus Fuel and GST per kg with a minimum of Rs. 2500 Plus Fuel and GST will be charged extra.
*Any other levies, taxes or duties enforced by the government would be charged extra, if and as applicable.
*Weight of every piece rounded up to the next chargeable weight slab in case of MPS .
*Weight of all pieces calculated separately in case of MPS.

Items Prohibited for Sending Courier to Saudi Arabia From Delhi


       Semi-liquids and liquids

       Gold, SIlver, Precious Stones

       Battery & Lithuim Procuts

       Magnetic Items

       Speakers & Bluetooth Devices Containing Batter

       Weapons & Sharp Object

       Soft Toys / Pillow

       Currency/ Cash/ Cheques

       Firearms & Firearms Parts

       Semi-precious and precious metals

       Any pills or powders

       Anything chemical


       Pharmaceutical items

       Machines and parts of devices that contain fuel, oil, grease, batteries, or electrical and electronic components

       Materials with magnets

       Negotiable instruments

       Pornographic materials


Frequently Asked Questions

Through Anytime Express , Courier Charges for Saudi Arabia cost around  500-800 per Kg for above 10kg.

DHL is the fastest service offered by Anytime Express.

Yes, sure you can send prescribed medicine with Anytime Express to Saudi Arabia from India.

DHL cost around 600-900 per Kg for above 10kg.

Yes, Anytime Express give you 100% insurance if any lost 0ccured .

Yes, we provide you tracking number till the delivery to the door step.

All around India, Anytime Express offers free pick-up services, We provide your package with a final polish or fresh box packaging as necessary after getting it in the warehouse.

You can buy a good carton online or offline and pack the stuff, while packing make sure you make a list of items. Also for fragile items we recommend bubble wrap packing to ensure safety of your parcel.

Live plants, animals,  gold , silver, perfume, etc are not allowed to courier for Saudi Arabia from India. For full list view here

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