International Courier Services for Hungary From Delhi India

When it comes to international courier services, Anytime Express has always been the finest choice for both businesses and individuals. Since we work globally, you won’t need to look elsewhere to find all the solutions since we can provide international freight, air cargo, sea cargo, and bulk courier charges to Hungary. Our staff consistently considers the customer’s needs while estimating international courier costs. The supply chain will be more flexible if you incorporate air and sea freight. Agility aids businesses in striking the ideal cost-time balance, maximizing the speed and affordability of air shipments and ocean moves. We have agreements with the world’s most reputable maritime and air carriers to provide seamless shipment from the point of origin to the destination. We offer different courier charges Hungary options for our customer with best services.

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What are the Courier Charges to Hungary from Delhi India?

Weight SlabDelivery TimeCost (INR)
1 Kg6-8 Business Days1800/-
2 Kg6-8 Business Days2400/-
3 Kg6-8 Business Days2800/-
4 Kg6-8 Business Days3200/-
5 Kg6-8 Business Days3600/-
6 Kg6-8 Business Days4000/-
7 Kg6-8 Business Days4400/-
8 Kg6-8 Business Days4800/-
9 Kg6-8 Business Days5200/-
10 Kg6-8 Business Days5600
11 Kg & Above6-8 Business Days480 Each Kg
21 Kg & Above6-8 Business Days450 Each Kg
31 Kg & Above6-8 Business Days400 Each Kg
50 Kg & Above6-8 Business Days380 Each Kg
Courier Charges From Delhi to Hungary – Per Kg 2023 : Anytime Express
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Information On Sending Courier To Hungary from Delhi

  • Medicine Delivery Requires Additional Documents
  • An additional 18% Good Service Tax (GST) would be added to the total bill.
  • If you send electronics, medications, food, wood, etc., we will charge you INR 2000 plus GST. These things will cost you more.
  • The cost of packaging is included.
  • The more actual and dimensional weight, the more you’ll pay.
  • The ETA will only take business/working days into account.
  • The company cannot be held accountable for unusual customs delays for reasons beyond its control.
  • The consignee will be responsible for paying applicable customs fees; the company has no financial interest in this matter.
  • The prices shown above only apply to non-commercial consignments.
  • Pan card and Aadhar card submissions are required.
  • If a courier weighs more than 1 kg, packing them in a box is required (Gunny bags and Envelopes can be used for up to 1 Kg Only).
  • The penalties levied for providing false information, giving misleading information, or attempting to transport prohibited commodities range from 5,000 to 25,000 rupees.
  • Once the package arrives at our office, a bill will be generated.
  • You would have to AGREE and UNDERSTAND the Manual + Terms & Conditions to confirm a pickup.

Different Items That Can Be sent by Courier to Hungary from Delhi

  • Household
  • Food
  • Excess Baggage
  • Medicines
  • Documents
  • Parcels
  • Gift Items
  • Sample
  • Commercial Goods

Restricted Items For Sending Courier To Hungary

  • Alcohol
  • Human ashes or corpses
  • Veggies and fruits
  • Dry Ice
  • Lottery tickets
  • Pornography Content
  • Foods that need to be refrigerated
  • Hazardous products
  • Radioactive materials
  • Antiques
  • Fashionable attire
  • Expensive jewellery
  • Bullion
  • Samples of bacteria or viruses
  • Harmful substances
  • Financial instruments
  • Lithium battery

Weight Limit Guide for Shipping To Hungary

For the packages and couriers you send, several Brands have established particular Standard weight and size limits. The limitations listed below only apply to specific programs. The maximum weight for your cargo in non-commercial mode is 68 kg, and you can send no more than three boxes on a single airway bill.

  • Packages in a single box might weigh up to 30 kg.
  • Courier / Parcel can have a total length and breadth of up to 380 cm.
  • Package length is limited to 275 cm.
  • Packages weighing more than 31 kg (or 25 kg inside the EU) are subject to additional heavy-package fees.

The size-special price and dimensional weight estimates for packages vary depending on the packing style and the final destination.

Document list for sending courier from Delhi to Hungary

Personal Items Intended For the Individuals

  • One photo identification (Aadhar Card Copy, Pan Card Copy, Passport Copy)
  • Professor One Address (Aadhar Card Copy, Electricity Bill Copy, Water Bill Copy, Landline Phone Bill Copy, Passport Copy)
  • Invoice / List of the items

For Company To Individual Personal Goods or Samples From Company To Company Photo ID of Authorized Signatory or Director

  • Company Pan Card
  • Company Gst Certificate
  • Import Export License
  • Sample Invoice
  • Declaration on company Letterhead

Commercial Documents Required

  • Original AD code on bank letterhead or a copy of the last shipment bill (3 COPIES)
  • Letterhead declaration for a custom request or Last shipping bill copy (3 COPIES)
  • SLI (3 COPIES)
  • SDF (3 COPIES)
  • Anax A (3 COPIES)
  • Pan Card (3 COPIES)
  • Invoice On Letterhead (5 COPIES)
  • Packing List (3 COPIES)
  • KYC form (2 COPIES)
  • Passport-size photo with your signature and a self-attested stamp (2 COPIES)
  • Proof of Authorized Signature, Signature Expertise, and Address (3 COPIES)
  • LUT CERTIFICATE REQUIRED for non tax invoice

Note: Sometimes additional documents may regarding depending upon the nature of product. Above listed documents are the basic one which is mandatory for sending courier from Delhi to Hungary.

Why Choose Anytime Express for sending courier to Hungary?

From Delhi, India, to locations worldwide, Anytime Express offers door-to-door courier services and air and sea freight forwarding. Our goal is to deliver excellent service and value for money using a variety of leading international carriers and services for everyone. Since our formation, we have experienced steady growth and are pleased to assist customers from all around Delhi and India with shipping to more than 220 nations and worldwide territories. We are unique among freight forwarders for the perfection of our customer service and the simplicity of getting in touch with a direct person. Our door-to-door international courier services provide the most inexpensive rates for international courier delivery.

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FAQ’s – Details on courier Services for Hungary from Delhi India

Does the courier fee also cover import taxes?

Import duty is not included in the courier fees we charge at the pickup time. When goods cross a political border and are imported into HUNGARY, importers are responsible for paying import duties and taxes. Import duties are linked to trade protectionism, an economically sound strategy limiting trade between nations that benefits both.

Is packing an additional fee and not included in the courier fees?

We do pack, but it varies depending on where we are. We provide a few packages to our clients absolutely free. In some areas, we ask our clients to pack the courier, while in others, we offer packing services. Charges will be revealed when we provide packing services during pickup.

Are courier fees calculated based on weight or Volume?

The courier mentioned above fees is based on the chargeable weight. The chargeable weight would be greater than the parcel’s dimensions or actual weight—calculated courier fees for each box’s weight, size, and chargeable amount.

Does Anytime Express provide services for pay-on-delivery?

Anytime Express does not provide pay-on-delivery services. Before the package is sent out, the full payment must be made. You will get a paid receipt and tracking information when the payment has been made.

Do you recommend using a suitcase or a cardboard box to pack the package?

Anytime Express advises packaging your items in a carton box. If one chooses a suitcase, there is a potential that it will sustain damage, adding to the volumetric weight overall.

How much does shipping to Hungary cost?

Anytime Express charges for sending courier to Hungary starts at 1800 INR Rupees and vary with weight slab. We also provide free pickup & packing services for sending courier to Hungary from Delhi India with insured shipping and lowest cost guaranteed services.

Which courier service in best for sending courier to Hungary from Delhi India?

Anytime Express provides safe, secured and lowest shipping services for Hungary with best delivery options at your doorstep at Hungary.

What are DHL courier charges for sending Courier From Delhi To Hungary?

If you’re planning to send Courier to Hungary from Delhi through DHL, Anytime Express offers you the lowest and best deals. Just call us at +91-8851473292 and grab the deals today.